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Ayurveda for Beginners

Ayurveda for Beginners in Rishikesh

We would like to assert that Haritha Ayurveda Academy is the best coaching center in Rishikesh, where you can purse any Ayurvedic Therapy course you fancy. Haritha Ayurveda has set high standards in all its courses that comprise theory classes by well experienced tutors and effective practical training.

Our Beginner Programs are designed to impart the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, the concept of Tridoshas, and the rejuvenation principles.

Beginner Programs include...

  1. The Five Elements

  2. Tridosha Concept(vata, pitta. Kapha)

  3. Sapta Dhatu

  4. Waste Products

  5. Body Channels

  6. Digestive System

  7. Alimentary Tract

  8. Body Constitution and Analysis

  9. Concept of Vikruti

  10. Metabolic Toxins

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