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7 days Ayurvedic Kerala Massage Abhyanga Certificate Course in Rishikesh, India

Kerala massage is also known as Abyanga Massage, It is a massage technique that benefits the whole body because of the gamut of areas of the body it focuses on and leaves the person feeling completely rejuvenated. Kerala massage course gives the aspirants a deeper understanding of the massage tradition of Kerala. This course is a well-defined approach towards soaking the healing benefits of Kerala massage into you. Kerala massage teaches you the real massage techniques stemming from the ancient remedies of Kerala Ayurveda.

Days Theory with Practical Session
1st Introduction to Ayurvedic Full Body Massage along with Practical demonstration
2nd Principles and Practices of Head Massage – Theory and Practical
3rd Face and Head Massage – Theory and Practical
4th Upper Body massage theory with following massage practical
5th Back Body massage theory with following massage practical
6th Practical of full Body Massage – Back & Front
7th Project and Practical – Question & Answers, & Certification

Course Fee

  1. Non Residential Fees: – US$ 249

  2. Residential Course Fee: - US$ 399

Included in Residential course Plan

  1. Single Accommodation (Non air conditioned) and attached bath with hot shower.

  2. Satvik Food: 3 Meals a day Food

Why Choose Kerala Massage Abhyanga Course?

It relieves a person of body pains several other forms of ailments and pains. It helps in balancing the Vitta, Pitta - Doshas of the body. It has been trusted for more the two millennia and is widely considered as a very effective form of Ayurvedic treatment. It is also known to improve the will-power and resistance of a person to fight maladies of various kinds.

This massage is performed using herbal medicated oils. The massage is done by therapists which goes on 30 to 45 minutes and is based on the concept of pressure points. The intensity and method of massage vary according to the age and the condition of the person.

On completing the course the students will be awarded the Kerala Massage certificates.

To join Ayurveda kerala massage course, Advanced booking is required.

For the Registration, and Payment You can mail us on info@harithasparishikesh.com or send us your inquiry to fill the form below.

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