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Reiki Healing Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India

Reiki Healing Therapy All Levels

Reiki is a form of a spiritual healing technique that holds incredible properties that targets the ailments prolonging in our body outwardly or secretly and directly works on them by healing them naturally. In this course, aspirants learn how the natural healing powers coming rightly from the universe are channelized to the body through the palms which act as a bridge between the body and the cosmos.

How Will You Benefit From The Course?

Reiki healing is an ancient spiritual healing art used for several years. This is an ethnic tradition used since numerous eras as an alternative form of medicines to cure the human body and mind. Here you will learn this energy healing technique. The reiki healing course transforms the student into the reiki practitioner or expert.

Why Choose Haritha For Reiki Healing Course?

Reiki healing is a natural technique of healing used for a long time. Just to bring more awareness in the crowd regarding the benefits of reiki healing technique, Haritha has come up with this healing method to serve the universe by teaching reiki healing. We aim at passing the benefits of this auspicious technique to all the corners of the universe thereby ensuring happy and healthy humankind.

  1. Level I & II (2 days):199 USD

  2. Master Level (3 Days): - 249 USD

  3. Grand Master Level (3 Days): - 449 USD

  4. Level 4 (3 days): - 449 USD

  5. Reiki Teacher Training (All Levels) (8 days): - 899 USD


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