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Shirodhara in Rishikesh


Shiro means head and dhara is a steady flow of warm Ayurvedic oil which is specially selected by the Ayurvedic doctor.
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Nasyam in Rishikesh


Medicated oil, juice etc are instilled into nostril to relive the vitiated doshas. It is effective against head and neck...
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Siro Basti

Done by pouring certain lukewarm herbal oils into a cap fitted on the head for 15 to 30 minutes. Highly effective for facial paralysis...
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Siro Basti in Rishikesh


Snehana involves the lubrication of the metabolic structure by the administration of fatty medicinal substances internally or externally.
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Snehana in Rishikesh

Haritha Ayurveda Academy & Panchakarma Center

Haritha Ayurveda Academy and Panchakarma Center has been built around the basic philosophy of healing the cause of disease. It is one of the best Ayurveda Centre in Rishikesh which offers authentic Ayurvedic massage treatment. Located on the banks of the majestic and holy river Ganga in Rishikesh this Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Centre in Rishikesh offers a scenic view of the mighty Himalayas.

Ayurvedic massage is a way to expel toxins from the body making it work much better. It also helps cure some of the muscular, nervous and skin ailments. Ayurvedic texts mention that disease causes by the imbalances of ‘Vata’ one of the three doshas of the human body can be completely cured by massage. In the case of disease related to ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’ massage complements other methods of healing.

Haritha Ayurveda and Panchakarma center also offers the best accommodation and allied services along with the massage and other Ayurvedic treatments. Traditional Ayurvedic therapy along with the best of modern health care will make the experience at Haritha a precious one. The aim of the therapy that we provide is complete health and well-being of our esteemed guests. Our therapy includes Panchakarma which is a great way to heal the body. You can get treated for a variety of common modern diseases like
(1) Depression
(2) Migraine
(3) back Pain
(4) Muscular dystrophy
(5) Muscular Pain
(6) Arthritis
(7) Diabetes
With the help of specially customized massage and therapies at our center. Our center is well equipped with all the tools required for treatment. Once you have told us your worries our therapist will make sure that complete healing is done so that the ailment never bothers you in life.

Ayurveda and Panchakarma courses are also offered by Haritha Ayurveda and Panchakarma center in Rishikesh. The reason for running the well-recognized certification courses is to spread the unique knowledge of Ayurveda all across the globe. The courses that we offer includes 7 days Kerala massage certificate, 14 day Kerala massage certificate and 4 weeks Panchakarma and Massage certificate.

All our treatments are based on the Ayurvedic principle of doshas. There are three doshas according to Ayurveda which makes up the energy distribution of every human body. They are:
(1) Vata – This is the concerned with motions within the body which include blood circulation, heartbeat, breathing and blinking of the eyelid. When this Dosha is balanced it gives vitality to the body. Imbalance can cause all the circulatory diseases and heart diseases.
(2) Pitta – This is the energy which makes the metabolic systems in our body run properly. This includes digestion, absorption and nutrition and the temperature of the body. Balanced Pitta means a clear mind and detoxified the body, while imbalance causes ulcers and mood swings.
(3) Kapha – Growth in the body is due to this energy source. The proper working of the immune system and distribution of water to all body parts is done by this energy. Balanced Kapha leads to emotional stability and reduced ageing while imbalance can cause early ageing, wrinkling of skin and feeling of insecurity.
Haritha Ayurveda center yearns to take the ancient tradition of Ayurveda forward and wants to make Rishikesh the place for Ayurvedic treatment. With its natural marvels Rishikesh surely fits the bill as a place for Ayurveda. Haritha Ayurveda academy and Panchakarma center is situated in the city of Rishikesh which is a famous tourist destination. The mighty Shivaliks rising above the ground on one side and the flowing River Ganga through the center makes Rishikesh a Natural marvel. The Ganges waters are considered holy and particularly have healing nature which is evident if you drink water direct from the river. Ayurveda is quickly catching up with Yoga here in Rishikesh. Swargashram the area of Yoga Schools and spiritual centers is a serene, toxin free zone in Rishikesh. People from India and abroad come here to purify their body and soul.

At Haritha Ayurveda and Panchakarma center the basic principles of Ayurveda are followed diligently to give a personalized treatment that purifies the body and mind. We have therapists which includes experienced Ayurvedic Doctors with the knowledge of human systems. They design therapies which will take you health to a different level altogether.

Ayurveda Our Ayurveda Certificate Courses

Kerala Massage Course
Kerala Massage Course in Rishikesh
Ayurvedic Kerala Massage Certificate Course is a 7 day program. You can chose between residential and non-residential option. We advise residential program for a better understanding.

It is a short term course offered by Haritha Ayurveda and Panchkarma center.

Ayurveda Therapy Course
Ayurveda Therapy Course in Rishikesh
This is a much detailed course designed for both beginners and those with the understanding of Ayurvedic methods.

The theory sessions includes in-depth explanation on various concept in Ayurvedic Panchakarma, massage treatments, procedures, marma points knowledge and pulse diagnosis.

Panchakarma Course
Panchakarma Course in Rishikesh
This is a comprehensive course with theoretical and practical sessions. This course can be undertaken by beginners as well those with a background of Ayurveda.

The theory session include in depth explanation on various concepts in Ayurveda, Panchakarma, massage treatments procedures, Marma points, pulse diagnosis, and human anatomy.

Ayurveda Teacher Training at Haritha - Testimonials

According to Ayurveda the universe is made up of 5 elements namely earth, air, fire, water and ether. These elements are presents in the body and combination gives rise to there major biological forces in the human body called doshas(vata,pitt and kapha). Any one dosha is typically pre dominating our constitution and ascertains our personality.

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